Featured craft spirits

wiggly bridge small barrel bourbon

This is an award winning bourbon distilled and aged for over 2 years in york, Maine. The mash bill 57% corn, 38% Rye, and 5% malted barley offer balanced and complex flavors.                  

retail: $59.99


Distilled in Charles Town WV and blended with organic chocolate beans and raspberries grown on the distillery farm.                                

 retail: $27.99   

Howling Moon Apple Pie

Authentic, hand made, and slow cooked from Yancey County, North Carolina. composed from 225 year-old moonshine family recipe.                                             

retail: 15.99


our mission

At Stone Fence Beverage we just do one thing: work with craft distilleries. Our mission is to find the best craft spirits and bring them to consumers in northern New England.