Our Gins

Here at Stone Fence Beverage, we have embraced the Gin revolution. Each of our gins are crafted and distilled to offer diverse botanical flavor profiles.


Wiggly Bridge Dry Gin - Wiggly Bridge Distillery, Maine

Made in York Maine; this is a gin sour mash family recipe which yields a light juniper dry gin, with a complex citrus finish.

Awards and Recognition

2017 Double Gold Medal- Seattle International Spirits Competition


Bog Monster Cranberry Gin - Dirty Water Distillery, Massachusetts

Seeing as Dirty Water is in the heart of cranberry country, they wanted to do something to pay tribute to the local industry. Their cranberry gin adds fresh local cranberries to the juniper and botanicals to create a unique and refreshing flavor that could only come from New England.






Devil's Bathtub Gin - Honeoye Falls Distillery, New York

Devil’s Bathtub is a mischievous twist on a traditional dry style gin. Honeoye Falls Distillery has developed a unique flavor profile that highlights the piney characteristics of juniper berry with their unique blend of ten other botanicals.