Our Rums

Rum has a rich history in New England. All of our Rums provide unique flavors experimenting with different types of molasses and spices. We recommend experimenting with all types and discovering what your pallet enjoys most.


Granite Coast Anejo Barrel Aged Rum - Smoky Quartz Distillery, Seabrook NH

Distilled from 100% Grade A Molasses, and aged in barrels that previously held Smoky Quartz's award winning V5 Bourbon. This rum is warm, sweet, and flavorful.

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Granite Coast Rum - Smoky Quartz Distillery, Seabrook NH

Granite Coast Rum is made with 100% American Molasses and fermented at a high temperature with a champagne yeast. It is distilled only once in an 8 plate still, and only the ‘heart’ of the rum is used. The rum rests for over 2 weeks to ‘breathe’ and develop its full taste. The final cut to 80 proof is done using pure New Hampshire Monadnock spring water. 


Sea Hagg Blueberry - Sea Hagg Distillery, North Hampton NH

Sea Hagg Blueberry Rum is made from low-bush wild Maine blueberries, Louisiana blackstrap molasses, and stored in oak barrels. Sea Hagg Blueberry Rum has a medium sweetness making it a refreshing cocktail for any time of season. All SeaHagg rums are bottled by hand, and wax dipped for seal.

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Motu Rum - Branded Spirits, Treasure Island CA

Distilled from the highest quality sugar cane molasses, grown in the beautiful Polynesian tropics. Motu Rum carries flavors and notes distinct to each of its unique ingredients.